Pecuniary Jurisdiction - Delhi High Court
Date: 13 Nov 2015


Hon'ble  the Chief Justice has been pleased  to pass  the following  orders  dated  6th November, 2015 :-

"I. With effect from 26th October,. 2015, suits/applications,   the jurisdictional  value  of which  does  not  exceed  rupees   two  crores, shall  be  presented   to  the  District  Judge  of the  concerned   district and   the   suits/applications,     the   jurisdictional   value    of  which exceeds rupees  two crores, shall be presented   in the High  Court.

2.   In   terms    of   the    provisions     of   the    Commercial   Courts, Commercial Division  and  Commercial Appellate   Division  of High Courts  Ordinance, 2015 (No.8 of 2015), w.e.f.  23rd  October,  2015 all suits/  applications  relating   to  commercial  disputes,   the  specified value  of which  is not less than  one crore rupees,  shall be presented in the High  Court  to be heard  and  disposed   of by the Commercial Division."             '

This is for your  information

Yours sincerely,

(Vinod Goel)

Registrar  General