Criminal Lawyer

A criminal lawyer is one whose work starts on the cause of crime having put into motion by whatsoever means directly/indirectly resulting into cause of the framing of charge having an activity of crime amongst the litigant and being an offence against the State Under Article 12 of the Constitution whether compoundable and or non-compoundable therefore these events require a professional handling for opining, contesting and defending on various stages and different forums.

For this purpose the requirement is for a so-called efficient and best criminal lawyer.

WE at LEX VOCEM SERVICES LLP operate in the area of criminal laws while carrying out best criminal lawyers’services of the law firm in Delhi, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Gurgaon & Mumbai.

The work areas undertaken herein are varied attributable to Offences committed under Indian Penal Code (IPC), Narcotics Act (NDPS), Prevention of Domestic Violence Act and keeping complete knowledge of Criminal Procedure Code,Evidence Act while conducting the cases while the pith and substance of matter in the Appellate Courts is to look into the evidences and arrive at the independent conclusions .

We undertake these cases for opining,contesting at various appellate levels involving High Court, Supreme Court since there is complete rally of records and proceedings from all our offices in different cities to be coordinated with the records of Supreme Court and likewise go the respective High Court which adds to the client convenience under one law office.

After conducting case briefing generally the focus is on the aspects of jurisdiction,limitation,adverse findings required for challenge of a cause from the inferior court to the superior court,whereas,the un-written protocol as a standard operating procedure requires the examination and synthesis and analysis in the light of facts & circumstances of the case of the whole material facts containing material particulars with holistic unity.

Asking question is welcome since learning is through the famous password called reasoning namely do don’t whys why not’s and this itself reveals the sincerity in patience of hearing the client intending to develop the points of consideration raised because this is what is called jurisprudence of law as like the development in the field of medicine thus this is the realization implanted in our firm for such kind of approach makes us one of the best firms rendering criminal lawyer servicesin Delhi, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Gurgaon & Mumbai. 


  • BAIL MATTERS ( Regular , Anticipatory)
  • PETITIONS u/s 482 read with Article 226,227 of the Constitution of India 


Cost effective & timely solutions being offered by criminal lawyers/firm serving clients in Delhi and in Chandigarh with a comprehensive client approach.